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Let's think about this from a non-fans view....

Let's say the teaser DID have the ship in spacedock....

Joe 6 Pack : bbboooooorrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnngggggg, same old, same old, when are they going to do something diffrent with these things....

Star Trek has played it SAFE for far too long folks.

If you want these guys on our side for a EVENT film you just can't play it SAFE, you have to shake things up, if that means show the ship being bulit by welders on Earth, then by GOD show that to connect to the unwashed masses.

Star Trek can't live on fans alone anymore, we're too divived, just look at all the NEGITIVE posts, doesn't that tell you something ?

It should, it tells me that Star Trek can't support itself on the old gaurd at all any more, we're too critical, we can't agree on anything, it was bulit on earth, it was bulit in space, GOD, no wonder the unwashed masses make fun of us, we sound like spoiled rotten kids.

It's time we all pulled together for once, leave our percived notions at the door, and gosh darn it, support this NEW film, if not for ourselfs then for those fans yet to come, this club shouldn't be a members only thing, we need new blood.

- OR -

Do you want the franchise to end ?

If you do that's verry selfish of you.

- W -
* Sadden by the way we've been behaveing as of late *
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