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Re: I don't want Star Trek XI without the Shat

Samuel T. Cogley said:
PKTrekGirl said:
Flukie said:
I think you're Shat outta luck on this one.

This needs a few of Dennis's badgers...or beavers...or whatever the hell they are.
They are groundhogs.

The reference dates back to the heyday of the Enterprise forum...

(Correct me if I get the details wrong, Dennis.)

Someone had posted a thread in the Enterprise forum that had already been posted a billion times. I made a reference to how the repetitiveness of it all made me feel like I was stuck in the movie "Groundhog Day."

Dennis followed up immediately with Groundhog graphics which became, for a time, the symbol for "Dude, you're the trillionth guy to start a thread on this."

Or something like that... I remember. He actually explained it to me a while back, but since I have the memory span of flea, I couldn't remember the whole thing late last night, I'm embarrassed to say.


And I had no idea you were a Cary Grant fan. Learn something new and surprising every day. We could use more classic film fans around here. There are so few of us.....
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