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Re: series 6,, what will it be like

Jack Bauer said:
If the movie is a success I suspect that a tv series would be set around the time of TOS or perhaps slightly before.
And it'll just get cancelled again after 4 seasons like Enterprise did. Think about it first.

Anyways...if the movie does succeeds and a new trek series comes a couple years after that, I hope the series takes place where it left on, about a few years after Star Trek Nemesis (I say start it around 2385 or 2386). It would be nice to have a few trek series to finish off the 24th century.

Other than that, what we need is a few trek series based on the Enterprise B, Enterprise C and a series about Picard being the captian of the Stargazer (there is a big gap between 2293 and 2363 that would need a few trek series to fill in that gap). That is something we probably would like to see eh?
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