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Nightfall to-Ennien said:
The one thing that people seem to be ignoring here with the whole welding thing, is that even in the TNG tech manual, there was mention, in the history of the Enterprise D's construction, of the first parts of the structural skeleton of the vessel being "Gamma Welded" together.
Good point...maybe that guy was using a 23rd-century gamma welder...maybe that's what a gamma welder looks like.

And to all those out there who are taken aback by the sight of the welder, the bottom line is this: it's only a teaser. Things that appear in teasers are not canon and are not even required to be 100% true to the Star Trek in-universe reality. The construction of the ship is just a metaphor.

Someone on another thread mentioned that some ST film teaser trailer (I don't know which film) showed scenes from Star Trek projected on the side of the Enterprise and the one for FC showed a Borg ship that happened to be the shape of the Enterprise/Starfleet emblem.

Yeah - these are ridiculously extreme examples, but the point is they are only scenes from a teaser trailer.

The ship as a projection screen is irrelevant; the Borg ship/Starfleet emblem is irrelevant; the welding is irrelevant.
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