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I'm not happy about the notion of the ship being assembled on the ground. Sure, make some components down here, but the image of a ship of the stars resting its keel in a muddy basin while insects, rodents, and rain have free access to its vulnerable interior leaves me uneasy. How long did it take to build the Enterprise? A few years? How many squirrels hid acorns in our beloved starship? How many dessicated wasp nests lurk within the hull? Dead flies and moths near light panels? Every time the huge and vastly powerful Starship Enterprise whooshes past the camera to Sandy Courage's triumphant fanfare, we'll now know the truth ... that within that duranium facade and hidden behind the walls and bulkheads are unswept piles of leaves and milkweed seeds that clustered unnoticed as the ship was assembled around them. Withered husks of starved spiders shudder within their dusty webs every time Kirk demands more power from Scotty -- entombed forever in ink-black darkness behind subjunction panels on every deck.
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