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Re: Star Trek Teaser - Grading and Disscusion

Sharr Khan said:
The dedication plaque specifically says it was built in San Francisco.
When I was younger that plaque really confused me since well I guess I assumed: "Its a starship, it must have been built in space - yet San Francisco is a on Earth. Why would they call orbital facilities 'San Fransisco shipyards'? Given there is such a place." it always seemed contradictory to me.

To me the rational that they built drydocks and called them "San Fransisco Shipyards" is really stretching it. If the plaque was meant to say: "San Fransisco orbital shipyards" it would - but I'm pretty sure it doesn't.

If the shipyard is in geosynchronous orbit directly above Frisco, I don't see a problem in the least.
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