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Re: One or two-off novelists who should come back?

Uss Stardis said:
Christopher said:
Uss Stardis said:
All I know is, I wish a reputable (imo) author like Peter David or Greg Cox would pick up the ball and run with an ENT season 5 relaunch.
Too late -- Andy Mangels & Mike Martin have beaten them to it. They've written The Good That Men Do and the upcoming Kobayashi Maru, which are the first two books in the ENT relaunch. Although it's possible other authors might contribute future novels to the series.
Christopher, I've seen TGTMD, read the cover, a few pages and some reviews. I get the impression it isn't what I am looking for; a good story picking up where season 4 left off.

The title Kobayashi Maru doesn't seem to point in the direction I'm looking for either but we'll see...

Kobayashi Maru, now there's a snappy title. I wonder why noone ever thought of it before.

So what happens to the original novel. Does it get decanonated or somefing?

The Trek Lit squad go from house to house throughout the world, seeking all copies of Kobayashi maru by Julia Ecklar, taking it by force if necessary, and have a great big bonfire in front of the Brandenberg Gate.
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