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Re: The OFFICIAL new Enterprise - Let the critiques begin!

Sharr Khan said:
By the way, it's "hear" not "here".
What does hearing, have to do with being *here in this place* we frequent known as Trek BBS that I was referring fans would gather to bash/or cheer this movie?
i believe he was referring to your second use. "I can here it already." just to clarify the nit picking before it gets well out of hand.

okay, regarding the bloody ship. just my 2cp, but i think it looks great. its not exactly like the 1701 of TOS, but nobody's likely to miss it in a line-up at the police station after its mugged them down a dark quadrant, either. its been re-interpreted by new minds and new thinking, as all mythologies must be if they are to survive and their fundamental truths continue to be made relevant. there are so many places where they could really screw up this movie and kill star trek for a generation, and whether or not they've used the right font or put the phasers in the right place is light years away from being the most significant of those. it looks good, it looks compelling, if that's what it takes to continue GR's vision of a fundamentally peaceful humanity spreading through the stars, so be it.
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