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Re: I don't want Star Trek XI without the Shat

Roxana said:
I've been thinking about Star Trek XI lately.

(FYI I am a TOS fan)

I'm increasingly unhappy at the thought of XI without Shat, but with Leonard Nimoy. I don't know well the TNG/VOY/DS9/ENT storylines, but this film is going to be based on TOS. Shatner was such a brilliant Kirk, I'm bemused as to how anyone else could fill his shoes. Personally, I don't believe that Star Trek could have survived 40+ years without his wonderful acting of a flawed, but essentially good, human being. The whole pivot of Star Trek rests on him.

Do I talk sense, or am I just a rabid Shat fan? I don't believe the latter, as I know his flaws. But Star Trek doesn't feel right without the Shat to me. (And he is still alive and still a functioning actor, for heaven's sake).
It's tough.

Star Trek XI is going ahead without Shatner, and his fans are going to have to accept that.

If it REALLY bothers them, they don't have to see the movie.
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