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Re: The OFFICIAL new Enterprise - Let the critiques begin!

Arlo said:
Trekker4747 said:
Does anyone else wonder why they're finishing the interiror when they've not yet completed the exterior and why they've already painted on the hull markings before they've even finished building the damn thing?
The screenshot is absolutely believable to me in terms of construction.

Ever seen a tall building go up? They build the raw columns and floor decking first, then start installing the outer skin before any major work is done to the interior. A building might be completely covered in its outer wall and windows before the first drywall is delivered.

Further, the line at the construction elevator is left without skin so large material can continue to be moved inside the building. They don't button up those last bits of outer wall until all the big stuff is in.

This is exactly what's going on in the screenshot.
Dunno. It looks to me like the interior is somewhat there despite the outter-shell still being underconstruction.

And I still take issue with the registration "decal" being placed before the outerhull is finished but, I guess, it could not be painted on/a decal put actual part of the material itself.

As for moving bulky stuff into the hull (hence the open hull plates) irrelevant and uneeded in an age of transporters and anti-gravity units.

And don't get me started on constructing it in an atmosphere/surface-side.
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