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Re: The OFFICIAL new Enterprise - Let the critiques begin!

Sharr Khan said:
ancient said:
Well, to be fair, you really should watch it if you want to bitch about it. Plus you might possibly end up liking it...
LOL... even if they say they won't be there - they'll be there so they can come here and complain later and state how Abrams, Orci... ect have ruined Star Trek. Then when the box office returns come in and its a proven hit they'll disown it as "popular mindless entertainment" not "real" Star Trek.

I can here it already.


Sorry if this disappoints, but I the last TREK movie I saw in the theater (in fact, the last TREK movie I saw at all) was FIRST CONTACT. Haven't seen one since.

By the way, it's "hear" not "here".

The title of this thread is "The OFFICIAL new Enterprise - Let the critiques begin!", so I don't see a problem with people posting a bona fide critique. (Surely you jest!)

Seriously, when I see this kind of image, I must admit one thought immediately pops into my head: STAR TREK: ENTERPRISE. Some people loved it, others hated it. I have mixed feelings about it. ENT gave us gems like "First Flight" and "Minefield", and despite some avoidable continuity goofs and controversy over the appearance of the title ship, I think the series went off the air with a great deal of unfulfilled potential, mostly due to poor-quality of stories and continuity goofs that offended the fans. Having said that, I can understand and respect when fans look at the NX-01 and dismiss the show as a Bermanian wannabe.

I did not know if the new movie is expected to be a canon prequel or an entire re-imagining. My reaction was a critique based on the expectation that the movie would be a canon prequel. In that context, I stand by what I said.

If the movie is a Ronald D. Moore-style re-imagining (a la GALACTICA) then that opens up a new can of worms. STAR TREK wasn't a half-baked 1970's space fantasy that got cancelled after a year, resurrected for a nausaeting kid's show and then cancelled again before someone came along 25 years later and completely re-imagined it. STAR TREK enjoyed three full years on NBC, got the boot, then lived on in reruns, grew a cult following in the '70's and became a a growing, multi-faceted motion picture and TV franchise. Despite some really silly goofs in continuity along the way, lots of viewers (myself included) only became vocal when the concept erosion became obvious. So, I don't see why the 40-year legacy has to be thrown away. Despite some goofs and flaws, TREK is a success. The franchise doesn't need a re-make. I'm not saying a re-make would be illegitimate. I just don't see why it's necessary.

Pursuing a re-make opens up a whole new can of worms folks don't seem to be considering. Who will these new characters really be? What do they stand for? Given Hollywood's penchant for cheapening re-makes, it isn't hard to imagine a re-made James T. Kirk looking like a gun-toting cross between Leonardo DiCaprio and George Michael. Of course, as of this moment, there is no hard evidence to expect this will happen. Still, Hollywood didn't earn my confidence when they re-made TORA! TORA! TORA! in the insidious form of PEARL HARBOR. (And no, I don't need to go see or rent the later when I know from the critics that the later was a phony, sappy love story that cannot stand in the shadow of the former.)

Even if one accepts the notion that TREK needs re-made, I do not see why it can't be based on TOS, instead of TMP or Bermanian TREK. After all, with the release of the new "remastered" DVDs, the jury is "in": 40-year-old TREK is generating more buzz (and probably making more money) right now than TNG, DS9, VOY and ENT combined.

Now, if TREK were "hitting the reset button", I would be curious to see if Hollywood could pull off a quality re-creation of TOS, the smooth-hulled, block-lettered Enterprise, a new Kennedyeque/Shatneresque Jim Kirk, old sound effects and all. Of course, I would like to see a tad more detailing on the hull and maybe some controls would have more interesting sound effects. There would be other changes, as well: the computers and viewscreens would look different. And female humanoid crewmembers would be clad in either utilitarian jumpsuits or a "skant" modification of the original sexist mini-skirts. It would be lots of fun to see a re-made TOS in HD as a new TV series. It really would. But if Hollywood's track record is anything to go by, the funky new Kirk will probably be less interested in doing his duty than posing in front of a mirror, wondering if his brazilian-waxed girlfriend will approve of him getting his nipples pierced.

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