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Re: Breen Attack on Earth

Mistral said:
Remember, warp drive in a solar system is highly disruptive of planetary orbits and would therefore be noticeable, nullifying the advantage of cloaks.
Um, might I ask where this might have been established?

As for hitting a planet or sun with "warp" weapons-that pesky planetary gravity thing probably makes it impossible to aim with any degree of accuracy, and who wants to shoot a gun that may or may not hit? If I point a gun at you I would like the bullet to, at least, go in your general direction. If there is a strong and unpredictable chance of it going sideways or even back at me then I'm just going to pick up a rock and hit you over the head-its safer for me and just as painful for you.
Here, no. Gravity is supremely predictable, and the flight of objects under the influence of gravity is only a little bit less predictable than their movement while on railroad tracks. Really. You can do pretty good ballistics projections with the mathematics of the 15th century; with that of the 24th century, you can pretty well count on being able to hit your target from anywhere in the solar system. Given a guided missile rather than a ballistic one, you can pretty well count on hitting the square millimeter you have as the designated target.
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