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Re: I don't want Star Trek XI without the Shat

Roxana said:
Bond was a dick, Kirk wasn't. Bond is British,so am I, my friends and family watch it, but I can't bear his approach to management problems "I'll just spear the leader with my blowpipe or jump out of a platform that's about to suffocate me as it rises to the ceiling"

Come on. Kirk was far more intelligent than that.
Did Bond make mistakes? Sure he did. But then again, he didn't have a Vulcan there to mind meld for secrets, nor a doctor to cure him with a salt shaker.He had to get information the way a REAL agent does. And who gives a damn about spearing the leader of a drug pin that is killing innocent people or a crazy leader who is about to blow up the world to create his own race?

"Lets see, Goldfinger who has killed many innocent people is pointing a gun at me. There is no talking to him because I have already destroyed his greedy ambition to make his gold more profitable.He employed a henchman who used his razor hat to snap people's heads.I should try and reason with him and chance getting shot."
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