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Re: Enterprise Pic

Maxwell Everett said:
FlyingTigress said:
Just got back from seeing Cloverfield on one of those digital screens.
So the trailer is on the digital presentations of "Cloverfield"? Can anyone else confirm this?

What theater chain did you go to, by any chance? And do you know if it was a 2k projector (2048x1080) or just a 1.2k (1280x1024)? Did the titles and credits look stair-stepped or pixelated? 1.2k presentations usually have problems with text on 40 foot plus screens.
I would also like some confirmation of this, as my local Regal theater offers a number of DLP Projection showings, and though I would see Cloverfield even if there were no Trek trailer, I'd hate to have to see it again in non-DLP to see the trailer in all its glory.*

*And by see it again, I mean theater-hop to watch the trailers.

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