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Re: I don't want Star Trek XI without the Shat

Roxana said:
1) I hate James Bond. Violence doesn't solve problems, therefore Star Trek
James Bond wasn't going to get away with quoting "prime directive" dogma to people shooting weapons at him.Bond was an agent of the British Secret service.How is he any different than people on an armed away team?And who are you trying to kid? Kirk was the most violent of all the star trek captains.Watch how hard he fights with the Organians to be allowed to wage war with the Klingons,"WE HAVE THE RIGHT!!!", He was hardly Mr.Pacifist.

2) He's flawed. But so are we all. That's the joy of humanity. Shatner/Kirk CARED. That counts for a lot.
Yes he cared a great deal. That's why he bedded every alien on the show.Seriously, what's so different about James Kirk and James Bond?
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