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JBElliott said:
Arlo said:
JBElliott said:
Why is that in the 23rd century ships are built by welding together a bunch of metal panels?
Because this teaser is a metaphor for the movie, not meant to be in-universe reality.
Are you suggesting that the ship we see in the teaser won't be the ship we see in the moive? That the welding we see and the construction we see in the teaser is a metaphore for constructing the movie?
I can't speak for Arlo; However I personally think that that IS the starship that will be in the film, but the teaser itself IS a metaphor, and what we see in the teaser has nothing whatsoever to do with the plot of the film. Teasers are not part of Star Trek Canon, so what we see in them is irrelevant. Did the Voyager battle the Borg in 'First Contact'? Of couse not -- that isn't consistent with canon. Yet one of the trailers for 'First Contact' showed the Voyager firing on a Borg ship. Good thing trailers aren't canon.
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