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Re: I don't want Star Trek XI without the Shat

I disagree with the Vorta... sad as it is, I use Star Trek TOS to make my management decisions at work. Kirk was the quintessence of the assertive leader: approachable, listened to all sides, then made his own decision and took the flak. Which to my mind is an effective business management model.

The other Star Treks have merit (and my boss at work and I debate them incessantly) but even he admits, Kirk (Shatner) cut it over Picard every time in assertiveness and pure bloody mindedness.

I rely on Shatner's Kirk to help me in life (I'm sad) and I don't see how someone younger than me, who hasn't been involved in Star Trek for 40+ years and doesn't understand the relationships, priorities and nuances could deal with a major character like Kirk following the Shat's example.

But my colleagues tell me I think too deeply about this, so maybe I do.
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