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Re: Star Trek Teaser - Grading and Disscusion

Let me click on the youtube link:

The dark isn't 1966 dark!!!!

Its supposed to be the Desilu logo not Paramount's nor Robot's!!!!

The Enterprise's parts are being constructed in the San Fransisco Navy Yards and then being put in space, then being put together in the spacedock, just like it says on the ship's plaque!!!!

They used C G I!!!!

Its a cross between the TOS and TMP designs!!!!

Nimoy said "Space the final frontier" not Shatner!!!!

J.J. Abrams has raped my childhood!!!!

:turning tin foil mode off:

Great! I can't wait to see it on the big screen.

and on my flat screen full spectrum LCD HD tv.

and on a Digital 3D Imax movie screeen. :thumbsup:
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