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Re: The OFFICIAL new Enterprise - Let the critiques begin!

ancient said:
Well, to be fair, you really should watch it if you want to bitch about it. Plus you might possibly end up liking it...
LOL... even if they say they won't be there - they'll be there so they can come here and complain later and state how Abrams, Orci... ect have ruined Star Trek. Then when the box office returns come in and its a proven hit they'll disown it as "popular mindless entertainment" not "real" Star Trek.

I can here it already.
Of course the franchise will flourish without them since there will be a whole generation new that cares about Star Trek.

Oh and particular scorn will be held for new fans who came to Trek by way of this movie.

Sharr *who knows the myth of the open minded Trek fan is right up there with Vulcan's not lying...*
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