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Re: I don't want Star Trek XI without the Shat

You're going to have to accept Star Trek without Shatner eventually. Why not start now?

Yes all things must pass! Including Star Trek? Why not just enjoy the wonder that was TOS and the resultant films?
You mean you don't want to watch Star Trek anymore? Then don't. Nobody's got a gun to your head, right?

I'm all psyched up to see Shatnerless Trek for the next several decades. But most of the Trek I've enjoyed has been Shatnerless, so it's not going to be very jarring for me.

The essence of Star Trek depends on no one character or actor. The closest essential element that Trek has is the Enterprise, but even then, my favorite series was DS9, Enterpriseless. The essence of Trek is not a person or a thing, it is an IDEA. And it can easily continue forever.
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