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Starship Polaris said:
The Enterprise in this pic looks like concept art, or a frame from an animatic.
No, it does not; your bias in respect to these matters completely overwhelms any naive aesthetic response you may still be capable of.

In fact, in the trailer itself the image is far more persuasive and real-looking than any "live" model photography ever done for a "Star Trek" film.

Have the visual sensibilities of everybody on this planet atrophied in the last decade?
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I think this is more about YOUR bias. I've mentioned on any number of occasions that excellent spacecraft stuff can be originated in CG, and make a point of citing SOLARIS as a prime example (as opposed to just dropping in a line -- sometimes unsubstantiated -- of your POV and popping back out again, which is more your modus operandi ... how many times in the last day have you posted variations on 'saw it last night/saw it this morning & it looked awesome'? For another poster, that might be considered trolling.)

But you usually ignore any putting it in perspective aspect of my posts and focus only on my objections to CG that fails to convey to me that level of sophistication, beauty and realism. And there isn't any reason for me to advocate motion control for the sake of agenda; when I point out good motion control spaceship stuff in EVENT HORIZON, it pains me to think of it, because I hated the movie so much, and wish the visuals had gone into something worthwhile instead. I'd rather have a good movie AND credible visuals.

Based on the still image of the ship in this post topic, it looks slick. But it doesn't have any life to it at all. As I indicated in an earlier post, it may look a little better or different in motion. But to expect it look grossly different would be a strange conclusion, given that you'd need deeper blacks and shiny specular whites to give it any additional credibility, and what I see hear is basically a more elaborate version of the wingwalk in the TMP de, which amounts to 'nice try.'
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