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Re: The OFFICIAL new Enterprise - Let the critiques begin!

JoeRalat said:Seeing the B&W Version looks like Gabe's Model. Has anyone heard from this guy? Has he said anything like..No its not my model..etc
Gabe stated that his model was done solely for the calendar. He stated, emphatically, that he was in no way working on this film (he's working on the live-action "Speed Racer" film at the moment!). So unless he was just lying... which I don't buy into... or unless they offered him enough to allow him to burn some bridges on the other film... or if that other film has been killed... it's terribly hard to believe that he's involved in the making of this film.

However, it's very obvious that ONE key element (the "nacelle foreskins" we see there) is something that had never been seen before his speculative work.

I'm hoping, still (albeit with not a whole lotta "hope" involved) that this may not be what we see in the film. Maybe that's the model they're making of the Republic?

But if this IS his model... well, he signed over the rights, so he has no legal claim as far as I know. But it would be the height of classlessness to use his original concept without at least listing his name in the credits.
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