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Re: Series VI | What Will It Be Like?

Fire said:
The next Trek Series should be set in the early 25th Century and here's a list showing different ideas of what i'd like the series to be about, I hope one of them comes true:

1) A series set on a new class of Starship exploring the other side of the Alpha Quadrant well beyond Cardassian Space and exploring new civilisations and introducing new advanced races both friendly and aggressive.

ANY new series would have new class of starship and feature new races, period.

2) A series set on a new class of starship exploring the Gamma Quadrant and exploring the new relationship between the Federation and the Dominion.

3) A series set in the mid 2370's devoted entirely to a Sovereign Class Starship during the Dominion War.
OK - we will never see any trek on television again referring as anything except trivia to Deep Space Nine. I love the show but pretty much everyone who watched it posts here and that colours the true public perception of the show, typical conversation: -

Dude 1: "I like deep Space Nine"
Dude 2: "That the cheesy one?"
Dude 1: "No thats the original series"
Dude 2: "Oh - is that the bald guy then?"
Dude 1: "No, its the one with the arcs and the war, the Dominion etc"
Dude 2: "..."
Dude 1: "The black guy, its the one with the black guy.."
Dude 2: "Oh I saw that once, I didnt like it.."
I believe in a better world, so I love Star Trek. I have to live in this one, so I love Battlestar Galactica.
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