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Re: Teaser a Slight to Kirk?

Temis the Vorta said:
Don't fret. Nimoy's in the movie, and metaphorically his job is to hand the torch to the new gang. That's why Nimoy is likely to be featured in the marketing between now and Xmas. Him and the Enterprise are the "bridge elements" from old Trek to new.
The effect on the otherwise disinterested could actually be, "Was that Leonard Nimoy? Dr. Spock? He's still alive? Damn, he sounded old. Hey, didn't the guy on 'Boston Legal' used to say that?"

All the quotes in the teaser, including, "Space...." are iconic phrases from and about space from the 1960s. So, having Nimoy say it (and maybe thinking of him saying it as NIMOY, not as SPOCK) actually grounds the spirit of XI back in that time period. Which does make sense for what they wanted to do.

I was just trying to get a debate going about the merits of having had Pine deliver the line. What kind of statement would that have made? Would it have been bolder to do that?

And I mean honestly, among fans, who can't wait to hear him as Kirk?
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