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Re: I don't want Star Trek XI without the Shat

If we are very lucky, Chris Pine will give us a Kirk we can get on board with... one that has the familiar Kirk swagger and humor and intensity. I actually hope he lifts a few of Shatner's "bits" for use in his portrayal... although I have a hard time imagining anyone doing Shat's... staggered... vocal... delivery, without it sounding like parody.

I'm almost 43 years old. I too loved William Shatner as Kirk. He was my hero from the earliest time I can remember. But I also love Trek and want to see it survive and indeed flourish again... and as I said regarding Shatner in another thread on this topic:

"Too old, too fat, too late, no Shat."

Shatner in this film would be all about the nostaliga, and that's not what Trek needs right now.

Yes, tough noogies is, I guess, an Americanism. It means the same thing as "tough shit," which is: that's how it is so you'd better get used to it. It's a gently-mocking statement of false sympathy/empathy.
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