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Re: Star Trek Teaser - Grading and Disscusion

Franklin said:
nerfherder said:
I LOVE it! One thing stands out for me though: someone earlier mentioned the "Steampunk" quality of the aesthetics, and someone else on Trek Movie Report noted how Bladerunner it looked. I know, it's a construction yard, but the tools, hardware of the ship, and gritty mood of the trailer makes me think that this may be a far less sanitized, pretty, and hippy-ized Trekverse than we have seen before. Not that I'm complaining - very refreshing, in fact. But is Abrams' Trek not the clean utopia that Roddenberry envisioned?
Maybe that wasn't CGI, but real sets being built.

I think "under construction" is the theme of the whole thing. Beyond that, I really doubt Abrams really cares what's read into it (well, he wants us to like it, which seems to be the case).
As I posted above, I'm beginning to believe those workers were meant to look 1960ish. The only thing missing was somebody's lunch box sitting on the saucer.

Nick Meyer already did the 'bag lunch' thing in TWOK, but it was cut from the release print.

It would take a ton of work to make real sets look this painterly, whereas it is easy to let CG look painterly and unrealistic like this. What would have been grand is if they'd built a good miniature, hired Richard Yuricich to shoot it, then enhanced that with live-action people comped in, along with some CG atmospherics if real atmospherics wouldn't scale properly. APOLLO 13 should have been the objective here, something that has physicality as well as spectacle.
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