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Re: One or two-off novelists who should come back?

Therin of Andor said:
Uss Stardis said:
I wish a reputable (imo) author like Peter David or Greg Cox would pick up the ball and run with an ENT season 5 relaunch.
Fascinating comment, in so many ways. Why not say what you're actually thinking?

Especially interesting in that Peter David's most recent ST novel, "Before Dishonor", has polarized readers more than even "Gateways: Cold Wars" did, with people wondering how "reputable" he still was.
You're kidding? I did not know about any fan polarization regarding novels other than the argument of their being canon or not.

For the record then, I haven't read those. My statement was not intended to indicate a 'taking of sides' in this division.

I'm really just a casual reader, I read a book looking mostly for good characterizations and story.

At the risk of going off topic, briefly; what is at the root of the polarization?
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