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Re: The OFFICIAL new Enterprise - Let the critiques begin!

Ptrope said:
I'm not convinced the nacelles are that big, frankly - it looks to me that the focal length of the 'camera' is compressing the perspective of the shot, because the bridge area also looks pretty large in comparison to the leading edge of the saucer.

That's a good assessment IMO ... it looks like a telephoto view, and folks probably aren't used to seeing spaceships with compressed images (though the still guys at ILM used to take lots of SW pics that way ... most pr stills of imperials chasing the FALCON have got this compresion on the star destroyers.)

Walter Hill shot nearly all of SUPERNOVA with long lenses, but that was on interiors, not exteriors ... 2001 used long lenses, not wide angle ones, but that was with huge miniatures, whereas this Enterprise image looks like an artist's conception of a ship rather than something physical and impressive.
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