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Re: The OFFICIAL new Enterprise - Let the critiques begin!

Redfern said:
largo said:
sigh. fandom does as much to ruin star trek as it does to help it.
At least this time it can't be blamed upon the "furries".


Oh, I don't know - I've heard that we'll see tribbles, which is as much a slap in the face of every died-in-the-fur Trekker as Microgramma and bulging members .

So far, I don't dislike what I see - heck, there's not really enough there for any rational person to make a judgment, really (what am I talking about, "rational?". I build non-existent models of non-existent ship interiors - and ones I admit aren't even "accurate" !! ). What we do see looks close enough, to me, to believe that when we see the whole thing, I'm not going to ask, "Umm, what ship is that supposed to be?" even if I can't see the name tattoed across the roof.

But even based upon what we see, I'd still rather have Vektor's update - it's rationally changed without doing it gratuitously - which is what I think the aztecing here is. But I won't avoid the theater just because of it - I'll leave that excuse up to the skills of the Transformers writers ...
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