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Re: One or two-off novelists who should come back?

The Laughing Vulcan said:
I'd rather not see the drive by authors get a permanent parking space.
I'd say it's a safe bet that every prolific ST author was originally a "drive by". The ones who keep coming back are the ones who sell lots of units for Pocket - and who either enjoyed the experience enough to do it again, don't have urgent non ST deadlines looming, who get along very professionally with the editors, who are good at meeting deadlines, and/or whose unique take on the ST universe is popular with fans.

I'm not sure that any ST authors were approached and signed to multi-book deals before they did their first ST novel or short story. i guess it's possible, but a "drive by" effort is going to have to meet with many approvals before they become a sure thing.

I also recall during the Richard Arnold era that several novelists posted to places like GEnie and hardcopy newszines that they'd never return, although several of these authors did come back when the coast was clear.
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