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Re: Enterprise Pic

Cary L. Brown said:
In the gamma-adjusted images, it's clear that these nacelles DO resemble Gabe's. They aren't Gabe's however. The "guts" on the inside of the bussards are totally different, and the topside "window" on his nacelles aren't present.

However, the "hoodie" on the top, over the bussards... that is virtually identical to his work. And since he is the FIRST person I ever saw who did that, I sure hope he gets at least a small credit for that.
I'd like to see that too, but who knows? IIRC, Gabe was commissioned by Paramount to do his ship for the SOL calender, and I'd guess that Paramount owns the rights to Gabe's design (at least as it first appeared in the calender). So the suits may have been well within their rights to hand a copy of Gabe's image to the Trek XI team and say "Make something that resembles this," without Gabe having any knowledge or getting any credit.

Paramount did something similar last year with work that Master Replicas did for their Classic Trek communicator. Baciclly, the company spent major $$ doing R&D for the piece, and Paramount kept the rights to the work MR did. Later, TPTB turned all of MRs molds and research over to a Chinese company so they could produce more-or-less exact copies for a fraction of the cost to sell at Star Trek: The Experience. The folks at MR knew nothing about this, and weren't credited or compensated for their work because Paramount owned the rights to their work.

Not that I'm saying it's exactly like this (and I'm also not comparing Ryan Church's work to a cheap Chinese knock-off.. ); it's just that this sort of thing has been known to happen... I guess we'll get a better idea when we see the rest of the ship.
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