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ChristopherPike said:
Franklin said:In the theater I expect to hear:
-- at least one painful groan,
-- a loud rant followed by storming out of the theater,
-- someone breaking down in sobs,
-- a "Fuck you, Abrams," shouted out of nowhere,
-- a cry of, "They HAVE raped my childhood," and
-- Junior Mints thrown at the screen by someone.

While the rest of us enjoy the cinematic beauty of it all.

-- Oh, and someone's cell phone will go off. Always happens.
Faith of the Heart ringtone. Check.

Samurai8472 said:
I know the movie has a larger budget than "Enterprise" and it shows. The first shots of the NX-01 pale in comparison to what can be done on the big screen
Make that a much larger budget but at the end of the day it's just two hours. Enterprise still has some of the best television CGI, even compared to series running today.
Overreliance of bad CGI contributed to my giving up on the program. Look at that pathetic library at the beginning of 2nd season ENT and can you even think the word 'best' in association with it?

Best vfx on TV Trek would have been mid ds9, maybe some of the end of TNG, when motion control was really a refined process. Once mediocre CG hit, you started getting more shots, but a lot less quality. Still, it makes audiences get used to the painterly (though for me the word would be 'crap') quality of most CG, as opposed to the more difficult to accomplish photorealistic quality of really good CG (like, say SOLARIS.)

The Enterprise in this pic looks like concept art, or a frame from an animatic. l honest to Christ can't figure out why concept art-level work has got so many people excited. If this is actually a final, then it says something about how little visual credibility means to filmgoers. (Unless maybe it looks better in motion? Guess I'll look for the trailer in a couple days and see what the high rez version plays like. Expectation is now low enough that I probably won't spit at the monitor.)
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