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Re: Series VI | What Will It Be Like?

All anyone can do at this point is speculate and toss in what they personally would like to see in a Series VI, so here I go...

I think a Series VI will deal with a 25th-Century USS Enterprise, but it won't be what people will expect of such a series. It'll be much closer in tone with TOS than with TNG and will bring back some of the slightly campy elements (such as miniskirt uniforms, guys in monster suits, etc.,) that has been absent in Trek since Kirk's 5-year mission. It'll still depict the future as a place we all want to live in, but it won't be shown as Utopia and technology won't be the solution to every problem. The technology will be there, of course, but it was actually be used a lot like it was during TOS...

It'll probably have a smaller cast of main characters (around 5), and the Enterprise itself will actually be only slightly larger than a Constitution-class vessel, but naturally considerably more advanced.
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