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Re: The OFFICIAL new Enterprise - Let the critiques begin!

If the subject image of this thread is actually derived from the upcoming movie, and not a fake, I would say that's a major strike against the movie. I doubt I would waste ten bucks on a movie ticket and popcorn.

1: The registry lettering on the hull does not match the block-lettering style used in TOS. (For sake of argument, I am including "The Menagerie"/"The Cage" as part of TOS here.)

2: Ptrope is dead-on-target about the aztecing of the saucer hull. This also does not match what we saw in TOS. I would hedge this remark by saying I don't have a problem with retconning some hull surface detail that wasn't canon in TOS, providing it doesn't look blatant.

3: The image, if genuine, seems to suggest that the Starship Enterprise, NCC-1701, is in its original construction phase here. I understand that this movie is supposed to include a young James T. Kirk and Spock. I already have a problem with Kirk and Spock just happening to meet for the first time in a TREK movie that far predates TOS; the content of TOS always seemed to indicate they had known each other for a while, but not for most if not all of Kirk's Starfleet career. I really have a HUGE problem with Kirk and Spock's first acquaintance and also have the construction of the Enterprise going on as well. That makes the TREK Universe go from small to cramped! Disagree with me if you like, it's a free country and and even freer web; but I understood the NCC-1701 starship to be built years before Kirk even entered Starfleet Academy. Kirk was a lieutenant on the Farragut 11 years before Year 2 of TOS (presumably 2267) so that would place his service aboard the ill-fated Farragut in 2256, within a couple years of Pike's adventure on Talos IV. I had understood that NCC-1701 was built in 2245, or perhaps before. If this is the case, then Kirk could not have been a Kennedyesque thirtysomething, maybe 40, during TOS. Just doesn't fit.

4: I have a hard time accepting that the bridge module would be open like that. I understood, for a long time now, that the bridge module is almost like a separate vessel, that you build it by itself and fit it onto the completed, or nearly completed, starship. I understood the difference in the shape of the bridge module between the times of "Where No Man Has Gone Before" and Year 1 of TOS could be explained by an obvious refit of the Enterprise, including the fitting of a new bridge atop the saucer.

5: The shape of the saucer overall, from what we see of it, does not look like TOS.

Some folks may not care about continuity, but for me I don't see the point of so blatantly ignoring continuity after the folks who remastered TOS thus far have done an arguably decent job of preserving it. Why bother remastering TOS if you don't respect its content?

There is one small trap-door that Paramount's people could try to escape through: they could say that the Enterprise we're seeing here isn't being constructed, but refit after already being in service for years. The doesn't explain the open bridge or the lettering on the hull, but it would make sense from an historical perspective if the NCC-1701 had been built before 2245, making the ship significantly older. I have no problem with Kirk's Enterprise having already been in service for several decades.
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