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All I know is I'd hate to be a seagull sucked into that turbine!

Seriously, though, as a first generation Trekker from the 60's, I am stoked.

Yes it's "updated", I didn't really expect an exact copy of the TOS model.

But it captures the same "feel".

I know it's purely emotional and purely subjective, but the first time I saw the pic I didn't go "yuck".

I just stared slack-jawed at it.

It gave me the same feeling as the first time I saw the refit E in TMP. Updated, but the same overall design and feel.

I'm not bothered by the "beefiness" or "muscular-ness" of it. In fact, I'd hate to be a Romulan or Klingon that came across that thing in a dark alley.

I could definitely see it kicking ass.

I do wonder how they get the thing into orbit.

I recognize that the Making of Star Trek does indicate it was built at the navy yards and then assembled in space.

It just seems inefficient to have to lift that much mass at once into space, having to impart escape velocity to it.

But someone else said that maybe they transport the whole thing using massive transporters or something.

Anyway, I am impressed and can't wait to see her battle the Rommy Ward Bird, which you know she will.
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