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Re: Star Trek Teaser - Grading and Disscusion

slappy said:
Kegek said:

Not so fond on the guys with goggles welding stuff, though. Somehow it looks too modern.
I dug that part, it was my favorite aspect of the whole trailer. I've always had a soft spot for Trek (and future sci-fi in general) that looked to the future with details from past. Kirk's antique glasses, breaking a champagne bottle on the hull, I love that type of thing.
I agree about the anachronisms used in "Star Trek".

Except this time, given the apparent theme of the teaser, perhaps the welders were meant to be laborers from the 1960s rather than from the from the future. The workers from one era contructing the new future and all.

But let's be honest, the whole payoff is the glimpse of the Enterprise. We already knew there was going to be a movie. What we wanted was to "see a bit of ankle." And that's what we got.
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