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In the gamma-adjusted images, it's clear that these nacelles DO resemble Gabe's. They aren't Gabe's however. The "guts" on the inside of the bussards are totally different, and the topside "window" on his nacelles aren't present.

However, the "hoodie" on the top, over the bussards... that is virtually identical to his work. And since he is the FIRST person I ever saw who did that, I sure hope he gets at least a small credit for that.

Honestly, I'm not really taken by these nacelles. I was hoping that, in the dark view we were able to see on the screen, that we were seeing them partially completed. But that's not really true... they're MOSTLY completed, it seems.

Ah, well... the nacelles WERE designed to be virtually "hot-swappable" so as long as what we're seeing isn't intended to be the Enterprise as commanded by Kirk, I can deal with it. Hell, I have no major problem having this be the Enterprise as it was FIRST commanded by Pike. Or the Enterprise in an altered timeline... or whatever.

It's easy to explain away that part, so far. The short form is this... someone took Gabe's "nacelle hoodie" and is using it, but those aren't Gabe's nacelles as he showed us here.

That's also not Gabe's primary hull. Not even close. One thing that stood out about Gabe's primary hull, TOPSIDE at least, was that he was really pretty faithful to the original up there. What we see here is far LESS faithful than Gabe's work, up there, was. Granted, he did a lot of what I considered to be pointless "graphics art" stuff up there... color variations and so forth... but overall, it was VERY reminiscent of the original.

I'm not thrilled by the replacement of the nomenclature or the font (go ahead, rip into me over that one... but I'm just having a hard time seeing what's being gained by changing that stuff). Of course, as has been pointed out, it's not hard to strip off paint and put new paint on, so perhaps the "FJ Font" is supposed to represent what was originally done, the "Machine Extended" font used in TOS was put on later (maybe the 1701 wasn't refit to "Cage/WNMHGB" status at SFNY, but at some other starbase, and they used different stencils there?). It's not hard to explain, just hard to justify... ya know?

The A/B/C-deck superstructure is... troubling. Because if this is representative of what's going to be seen on-screen (and honestly, that's still not KNOWN, though it's definitely being implied here)... they've kept "general appearance" but abandoned FUNCTIONAL elements that we've all known for the past 40+ years. It's... troubling. Not because it will make for a bad movie, but rather... it begs the question of "why make this change?" I can't see how it would make for a better, or a worse, movie, in and of itself. Can any of you?

SO... if things are being changed "just because we can" without any real logic behind them, THAT would concern me. We can all live with changes... and we all know that SOME changes are inevitable. But if they don't add something to the mix... if they're just being done because someone wants to change stuff to "make it my own," that doesn't bode well.

I like how it looks, from a purely artistics standpoint. If this weren't clearly portrayed as the ENTERPRISE, I'd be perfectly happy with it. But I'm somewhat MORE concerned now than I was before, because it reflects changes that add nothing to the mix other than "well, we COULD, so we DID."
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