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Re: Star Trek Teaser - Grading and Disscusion

I know it's just anecdotal bullshit, but here are a few random comments made by people over at Digg. I hope this bodes well for general interest.

"I am so glad I'm not into Star Trek. Only because I won't be watching the movie and think 'that guys part is on the wrong side of his head. This is inconsistent! I hate this movie!!!' I can just enjoy it for what it will be."

"First official hard on for a trek film in forever"

"I just got back from the Cloverfield midnight showing and they showed the teaser for this. I'm not a Star Trek fan but I have to say I was pretty impressed even though it was a tiny teaser it makes me want to see it."

"I'm not a star trek fan, but I've gotta admit that thing is fucking sexy."

"I've never been a fan of star trek but these new Enterprise pics popping up everywhere give me chills."

"Even though I'm a diehard STAR WARS freak, I have to say, this pic makes me actually want to see the movie.... NOOOOOO! Must resist the Trek....

I've been looking around and it seem the reaction is very positive. The only ones who seem to have a problem with it are the hard-core purists at a couple of other Star Trek boards, but they're all assholes.
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