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Re: What would have improved Voyager?

exodus said:
Angel4576 said:
Hmm, don't know about that. If I don't like my job, and there's little I can change about that situation, I'd find another one. The situation that's been described here around Berman and Braga's working environment, certainly sounds like it was far from a happy one.

Are you seriously suggesting that neither Berman or Braga would have been able to find work elsewhere?
Are you married with a morgage to pay?

Do you really honestly beileve that there is no competition within the job market and that people can leave jobs and be guaranteed one almost instantly?
Yes, and yes.

Piller, Behr, Echevarria, Moore, all managed to move seamlessly from Trek to other projects. How come Berman and Braga couldn't?

They knew Voyager was coming to an end, they had plenty of time.
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