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Re: Who designed Janeways ready room?

greenmystik said:
exodus said:
greenmystik said:
Why in the world is the Captains Ready Room on Voyager so damn big? What did she need all that room for? That seems like a waste of resources IMO. I just don't see the point for it.

That was one of the ongoing inside jokes on Voyager. The EMH & Janeway have said in passing about the bridge: "It's much bigger than I thought".

On the technical side, I think it has to do with the type of ship Voyager is. It's a scout ship, notice how it has no labs, no areas for botany or studies of any kind. All Voyager has, is a bridge, sickbay, engineering and cargo bays. Most of the ships primary functions would take place on the bridge. Seeing as how is was a scout ship designed for deep space, Janeway and her crew would be out of range of other ships for long periods of time. Her ready room was designed to be her private oasis. A place that was multi-functional for not only work but relaxation as well.
Isn't that what your quarters are for???
People have sewing rooms & mini offices in their homes for relaxation. Remember seeing Janeway painting, writing and having coffee while looking out the window of her ready room, Picard often sat reading a book in his. Why else would the also be a sofa in there? It also keeps the captain close their post because techincally their duty shift never ends. A captain like a doctor, is always on call.
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