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Re: What would have improved Voyager?

Kegek said:
That's very true. And Berman didn't want yet another show ontop of DS9. But UPN gave him ultimatum: They'd either make the Star Trek show with him, then without him.

On the one hand I think people have given Berman a pass regarding creative mediocrity. Yes UPN may have intervened but Berman had a big hand in ensuring that Trek never took ANY chaqnces. I recall a story Ron Moore told regarding a DS9 story involving Nog losing a leg in battle. He stated that Berman had a fit that no only would he lose a leg in battle but that they wanted to explore the mental impact of such a loss on the character by not having it immediately replaced. Moore thought the argument was idiotic if only because Nog would get his leg back eventually anyway (this is Star Trek after all).

On the other hand, I have to say that I am glad that UPN forced them to make Voyager. Voyager got all of the piss poor writing and plotting while DS9 was largely given creative freedom because so few people were paying attention. Voyager's larger profile meant that it could suck up all the crap leaving DS9 free to take some real chances. For that Voyager deserves SOME praise. Oddly enought, the opposite seemed to happen to Voyager when focus shifted to Enterprise. Voyager seemed to get worse without constant attention in its last few years.
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