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Dale Hoppert said:
Methinks you've spent too much time staring at this pic today. That's not a dot after the second C, it's a dark bit of hull plating. And this is a dead-on view of the ship... the seam up the middle of the saucer is centered.

As for the "Where was she built?" controversy... this is not a scene from the movie, It's non-canonical. It's all there just to have the play on words "Under Construction" and it's set on earth so we won't see any spacesuits which would be a dead giveaway that it was a spaceship they're constructing. It's an elaborate visual joke. This teaser is meant for an uninitiated audience who won't even consider such issues as "Why are they building her on the ground?"

This is a good tell for the general look of the redesigned ship, but the "plot" of this teaser reveals nothing about the movie.
While I agree with the overall sentiment, that's all speculation. It may or may not have anything to do with a scene in the movie.

The early TF teaser with the Mars Rover had everyone scratching their heads, and everyone assumed it wouldn't have anything to do with the movie. But it did end up appearing in a limited fashion.

So you might see the E under construction, you might not. Might be in space, might be on the ground. We'll have to see. From the sounds of the trailer description I've read, the camera angles and focus of the trailer doesn't lend itself very well to the actual movie, but that doesn't mean we couldn't see similar construction shots in the movie. It's all anyone's guess.
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