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SeamusShameless said:
The synopsis of the teaser says that the ship is being constructed planetside.
Ah, gotcha. I've been purposely steering clear of info about the trailer until I can see it. Thanks for the additional info.

Manticore said:
TrekkieMonster said:
I know the conversation has gone well beyone this by now, but after getting home from work and looking at the pic on my own monitor I felt I needed to note that, now, I too can see a definite Gabe influence.

You're all definitely right about the "bulginess" of the forward end of the nacelles, just behind the bussards. Just about identical. Likewise the general shape of the saucer, itself, down to what someone up-thread described as a "step" below the traditional B/C deck teardrop construct.
Actually, the 'steps' are quite different. On Gabe's, it's a difference in the gradiant, but it still flows from the saucer. On the Abramprise, it's at a sharp angle and has a sharper chamfer. Also, it's inset so that it's lying on a flat surface.

The only real similarities that I see to Gabe's version is the nacelle's and the slightly more solid intercooler (though Gabe's doesn't flow into the hull nearly so much). Of course, this is based off of saying maybe 20% of the ship; who knows, the secondary hull might be completely different!
Sorry if I wasn't clearer in my earlier post. When I said "general shape of the saucer", I meant that to also apply to my comments about the "step". I'm not saying it's identical to Gabe's, but the fact that it exists at all is reminiscent of Gabe's design, as is the cowling behind the bussards. Again, it may not be identical, but the only place I, for one, have previously seen these particular design elements is on Gabe's model some months ago.
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