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Re: The OFFICIAL new Enterprise - Let the critiques begin!

Psion said:
Oh look! Time to take my meds ...

Not to get too techie, since this is the art forum, but a ship as massive as something like Enterprise is going to have microgravity, maybe even enough to keep a thin atmosphere around it - temporarily, of course - of the gases from any work being done. Kind of the way those Cheerios follow your spoon in a bowl of milk! And one thing I thought would be possible in my Endeavour fanfic was that the ship's gravity wouldn't necessarily stop at the hull, but might continue outward somewhat, tapering off but still creating gravity at the surface of the hull (at least on top, right? ). So maybe one of the last things to fail on a starship - the gravity - is also one of the first to go in; it sure would make working inside the ship a lot easier in many cases; maybe not when there is a lot of major structural work to be done, but at least once it's reached the stage we see in this pic (I guess they prepainted the name on the individual panels before putting them on, since there's a hole right in the end of Enterprise).
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