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Re: The OFFICIAL new Enterprise - Let the critiques begin!

The other thing to consider is this movie is still nearly a year away from release. Special effects are usually done as part of post-production. I'm amazed they're rendering passes on her while principal photography is still taking place. I wonder if this is intended to gauge audience reactions so they can make last minute changes before they have to commit CPU cycles.

I agree with TheSeeker that the strongest whiff of Gabe comes from the engines. The primary hull is different, however, as SonicRanger's links illustrate. Gabe's notion of the engines having big, whirling machinery within seems to be reflected in this design.

I don't mind an update on the ship very much. But I'm hoping the more radical aspects of Gabe's vision ... such as the secondary hull, the navigational deflector, the way the pylons connect, and the dorsal interconnect are toned way down. If, indeed, this is his ship.

And I really, really hope this ship wasn't built on Earth. That just doesn't make much engineering sense to me. A design like the Enterprise begs to be birthed in orbit.
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