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Re: The OFFICIAL new Enterprise - Let the critiques begin!

I'm not convinced the nacelles are that big, frankly - it looks to me that the focal length of the 'camera' is compressing the perspective of the shot, because the bridge area also looks pretty large in comparison to the leading edge of the saucer.

I'm also not convinced this isn't in space, despite what the synopsis of the trailer may say about it being built 'on' Earth. I don't see any workmen, suited or otherwise, to suggest the environment, but what some interpret as steam 'rising' from the hull could just as easily be gas and smoke spreading outward from a work site into space. The lighting makes it appear, to me, more likely that this is a space shot.

The main thing I don't care for is the high contrast of the aztecing; regardless of whether or not, in the future, we might have advanced construction techniques that would make it possible to build such a structure as a unit, I just find it hard to believe that the hull, presumably made of similar adjacent materials, would have such vast variations of coloring from panel to panel. Maybe some specular variations, sure, but not the actual color. Quality control in the future must get pretty bad! (of course, when you have no currency, what's the incentive to do a good job? )
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