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Re: Enterprise Pic

AudioBridge said:
Fantastic work, Ancient! Thanks to what you've shown us we can see that this ship is significantly different than the real 1701. Those engines look more like the tailfins off a 1950s Cadillac mixed with a 1960s Stingray corvette. Aside from the fact that they're cylindrical they are drastically different from the engines we know. And the saucer is clearly meant to favor the refit 1701. Sure, this looks kewl, but I'm disappointed. It's not the ship I know, but Abrams crew never intended it to be.

Vektor's "reimagining" of the 1701 is far better, imho.
At his point, I've seen so many variations on the original--so many Refits, Miradas, Excelsiors, Galaxies, Ambassadors, Sovereigns, Oberths, so many fan-tweaked "refinements" ranging from the subtle (Starship Polaris, Vektor) to the radical (Gabriel Koerner) that the only design that would have floored me, would have caused me to utter a Neonian "whoa!" would have been the original.

This ship? She's nice but...
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