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scotthm said:
TrekkieMonster said:
As to the comments about it looking like Gabe's model, I agree where the coloring is concerned, but that's about it. Otherwise, what I'm seeing here looks much closer to the original series model than Gabe's significant reimagined version.
And it looks just the opposite to me.

The front of the nacelles looks almost identical to Koerner's design, and the upper saucer is dramatically different from the TOS Enterprise.

I know the conversation has gone well beyone this by now, but after getting home from work and looking at the pic on my own monitor I felt I needed to note that, now, I too can see a definite Gabe influence.

You're all definitely right about the "bulginess" of the forward end of the nacelles, just behind the bussards. Just about identical. Likewise the general shape of the saucer, itself, down to what someone up-thread described as a "step" below the traditional B/C deck teardrop construct.

However, from this perspective anyway, from this "step" up, it seems much more reminiscent of the TMP refit to me.

Mea culpa.

The only other comment I have is ..., why exactly do people think this is being constructed on a planet's surface? Looks to me like this could just as easily be a shot from Earth orbit.
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