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Re: What would have improved Voyager?

Angel4576 said:Why couldn't Berman/Braga do the same? They didn't need to leave, just refuse to be dictated to and then force them to either replace you, or cancel the show.
B&B were under no threat of legal action if they chose not to develop the fifth series that became ENT. Many producers have come and again and are replaced. So yes B&B could have turned down working on series five. UPN/Paramount were ready to replace Berman/Piller/Taylor when they at first didn't seem interested in creating another series following TNG's end on tv and DS9 just starting.

They didn't want to because Brannon said he was rejuvenated by the fifth series as he worked on developing it and both said they felt an obligation to carry on the Trek vision to the best of their abilities. It is up to the fans to decide how successful they were or weren't.
Lord knows, if Threshold is anything to go by, that's a fairly safe bet....
I actually enjoyed Threshold.
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