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I'm really blown over by the redesign. It's nice to see the Enterprise in all of today's technological wonder. I have held my breath over this since the movie was announced. And it seems my worry really paid off well. The Enterprise (so far) looks gorgeous. The saucer section is just not so much of a departure. It's just a blending of the TOS era ship and the movie era Enterprises. It maintains the overall cannonized shape of the saucer section but just updates it with the hull plating and updated detail on the saucer's surface. I fail to see what's so wrong with the saucer section. I'm curious to see the impulse thrusters on the back of the saucer section.

The nacelles take the most getting used to. But it's still really exciting to see the ship upgraded with all it's fancy starship eye candy.

On a side note, I can't help but to be extremely impressed at the photo! It in itself is a work of art. Despite being CGI, it looks like a person was there on the tip of the saucer with a holocamera. It looks REAL. It's spectacular.
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